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15 August Independence Day 2018 Anchoring Script, Drama Script, Poem Script For Kids Students

15 August Independence Day Anchoring Script 2018 : Celebrate this day using 15 August Anchoring Script and Independence Day Drama Script Lines For School Programs. Hope you like our Independence Day 2018 Poem Script Lines & Lyrics For this celebration of school. Independence Day is a unique day for all Indians and all Indians want to celebrate this unique or national festival with their Parents /Teachers/ Students/ Classmates/ Friends/ Girlfriend/ Boyfriend/ Brother/ Sister and all their known person. Hope you all also plan a wonderful celebration way or celebration grand party with your friends. This time is to feel freedom and remember all our Great Indian Leader and Freedom Fighters, who sacrifice their life for Indian Independence Day.

Indian culture peoples celebrate every festival in wonderful way. Muslims celebrate their festival with great joy where as Hindu celebrate their traditional and religion festival in unique way. This is the country where all type of peoples live, some like to celebrate festival with their friends, so some peoples like to celebrate any day or festival with their friends.

Their are also some peoples who like to celebrate their day with Boyfriend and Girlfriend. So leave all those and celebrate this day together. It’s time to celebrate the national festival or event, so celebrate this day with national peoples and country peoples. If you are going to anchoring in your school programs then this Independence Day Anchoring Script is for you all students. All Students will use this 15 August Anchoring Script For the school anchoring programs.
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Independence Day Anchoring Script In Hindi

All students teachers who want Best Independence Day Anchoring Script and 15 august hindi anchoring script will be get from this article. Now lets focus on some points about the Indian Independence Day History. Indian got this day on the midnight of 15th August 1947. When all country peoples were sleeping then Indian Became a Independent country. India got their achievement and success in their Fight. But this is not one day or 5 days fight against the British Rules.

This was the long time fight and then got this day after the 20 30 years strike or fight. Mahatama Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Sekhar Azad, Rani Laxmi Bai and all our freedom fighters fight with together against the British Rules. Use this given Independence Day Anchoring Script and 15 August Anchoring Script In Hindi and motivate all the school friends.

Their were many programs and meeting done for the Indian Freedom day, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Shukhdev threw the Bumb In British Meeting Parliament and then after this British Empire start a very Hard Punishment to all Indians. But that was the time for free our country from British. That moment was the moment for start the fight against the British. All Indians then start protecting them and they loud their voice against the British. A very big story behind the Indian Independence Day. Our Freedom Fighter, Great Leaders,Country peoples struggle to much and work hard, fight hard for free India.

15 August Independence Day Drama (Anchoring) Script For School Programs

Students are going to participates in independence day anchoring script and drama script programs. So you want best 15 august drama script lines. Finally that day comes and on the midnight of 15 August India Free from British and celebrate this day. So the thought is Who work Hard they never fails, they will fail one time two time but one day their Hard work will be give them success and the success will be very big and happiness. So now after our country peoples sacrifice we got this big achievement, so celebrate this day in a wonderful way. I salute all our freedom fighters and country peoples for this day and you also can salute and give your homepage to our great leader through comment here your own words and thoughts.

Get the Independence Day Drama Script and read all the lines for schools 15 August Drama Script for schools.

Independence Day Poem Lines Script For Kids

Schools students want wonderful and beautiful Independence Day Poem In Hindi for all the Kids and students. All school students need to prepare very well for the school programs and want to sing the poems in the schools. So you all students need to take the Independence Day Poem Lines Script from this site.

Using the poems lines student can prepare very well and entertain their all classmates/guest and teachers on this freedom day. As you all know students have to much craze about the freedom day celebration. Little kids want to buy Tiranga and they said to their parents fir buying flags. Then they goes to school with Tiranga Flags or Indian National flags. We proud all our Little kids because they show truly the love for country and Tiranaga. Now Hope you like this Independence Day Poems Line In Hindi For Kids.

  1. लाल रक्त से धरा नहाई,
    श्वेत नभ पर लालिमा छायी,
    आजादी के नव उद्घोष पे,
    सबने वीरो की गाथा गायी,
    गाँधी ,नेहरु ,पटेल , सुभाष की,
    ध्वनि चारो और है छायी,
    भगत , राजगुरु और ,
    सुखदेव कीक़ुरबानी से आँखे भर आई ||
    ऐ भारत माता तुझसे अनोखी,
    और अद्भुत माँ न हमने पाय ,
    हमारे रगों में तेरे क़र्ज़ की,
    एक एक बूँद समायी .माथे पर है बांधे कफ़न ,
    और तेरी रक्षा की कसम है खायी,
    सरहद पे खड़े रहकर,आजादी की रीत निभाई.

  2. हम बच्चे हँसते गाते हैं।
    हम आगे बढ़ते जाते हैं।
    पथ पर बिखरे कंकड़ काँटे,
    हम चुन चुन दूर हटाते हैं।
    आयें कितनी भी बाधाएँ,
    हम कभी नही घबराते हैं।
    धन दौलत से ऊपर उठ कर,
    सपनों के महल बनाते हैं।
    हम खुशी बाँटते दुनिया को,
    हम हँसते और हँसाते हैं।
    सारे जग में सबसे अच्छे,
    हम भारतीय कहलाते हैं।

  3. “Where the mind is without fear
    and the head is held high;
    Where knowledge is free;
    Where the world has not been
    broken up into fragments by
    narrow domestic walls;
    Where words come out from
    the depth of truth;
    Where tireless striving stretches
    its arms towards perfection;
    Where the clear stream of reason
    has not lost its way into the dreary
    desert sand of dead habit;
    Where the mind is lead forward by thee
    into ever-widening thought and action-
    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father,
    let my country awake.

15 August 2018 Anchoring Script For Students

Hope guys students and kids like this 15 August Anchoring Script for their school programs. If you want more stuff related to the Independence Day 2018 celebration. Then you can check this site for more wonderful details. Tell your friends about this Article and help them to give them best wonderful 15 August Drama Script for Schools Drama Programs. I wish you all my country peoples a very Happy 15 August 2018 in Advance. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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