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Independence Day (15 August ) 2018 Speech In Hindi, Telugu, Marathi Short Speech For Students Teachers

15 August Independence Day Speech For Teachers:- Teachers and Students will get 71th Independence Day Speech Lines In Hindi, Telugu and Marathi Language. This is combo post of 15 August Short Speech In Marathi & Telugu Language. So Download the images of Independence Day 2018 Speech For Teachers. India’s most celebrating day is independence day which celebrate annually. Annual day of India independence day is falls in the month of August. 15th of August is celebrate in national level in official and unofficial manner. India’s Prime Minister, India’s chief Ministers and another social leaders, School department( Students & Teachers) celebrate it officially and some peoples celebrate it unofficially like to enjoy this day in picnic sports, in their houses and some another places.

On this day presented country leaders give thanks to all past leaders who play most effective roll in freedom war. Independence day every time celebrate honorably, because if we live with own rights was possible after wining the freedom war. In this day our prime minister is unfurled the flag at red fort,new Delhi. during this time of occasion our prime minister give their speech on the behalf of independence day.

In this day our prime minister  call names of those leaders and talking about those leaders who performed their huge struggle and sacrifices and got freedom to Indian peoples in 15 august 1947. On this day our prime minister also gave Ashok Chakra to those family who have the fallen for mother land of India. A lot of struggles and sacrifices of Indian army our prime minister gave them salute. Share this wonderful collection of Independence Day Speech In Hindi with your all classmates and teachers.

Independence Day 2018 Speech In Hindi

Want Best Independence Day Speech In Hindi For Teachers Students then visit this site. During this day, National flag are hosted in school,colleges,hospitals,govt. departments and also in private companies.after national flag hosted then national anthem “Jana Gana Mana”has sung by everyone by standing straight and look straight this reveals the respect of our nation. On this day students and teachers are participate in different activities like songs, dancing, drama, debate,essay/drawing competition etc. Many students want Independence Day Speech In Hindi and Independence Day 2018 Speech For School Programs. So here we collected the wonderful speech lines on 15 August.

In schools and colleges.special guests are invited on this day in schools and colleges then principal and special guest and principal are hosted the flag.students play the patriotic drama,song by flute etc this gives us the inspiration and remind us those leaders who gave their huge struggles and sacrifices in the freedom of Indian.

Also In this day Indian army, Indian navy, Indian air force are performed their activities by gathering in new Delhi, Red Fort.Pandit Jawarlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India after india’s got freedom he was the first prime minister who had unfurled the tricolor of national flag at red fort,new Delhi even he like children’s who is the future of the country.

15 August Speech In Hindi

15 August Speech In Hindi

15 August 2018 Speech In Telugu For Students

Free Download 15 August Speech In Telugu and use this Independence Day Telugu Speech Lines For your school programs. The great leader mahatma Gandhi play a vital/important role in India’s freedom.In Indian history,peoples used to remind first leader who is mahatma Gandhi whose full name Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi the father of the nation who would always live in hearts of Indian peoples as he was always moves on satya(Truth) after all he was a fan of Harish Chandra.

Instead of all those leaders he was the first great Indian fighter whose great efforts and sacrifice non-violently. This war was finished with the victory of India, it is because whiteness always win over darkness. As British  ruled in India over 200 years after many leaders and with peoples struggles and their sacrifices India’s got independent in 15 august 1947. Check out the given 15 August Speech In Telugu and Independence Day Short Speech In Telugu For Students and Teachers.  Don’t Miss:- Independence Day 2018 Speech and 15 August stuff. 

Independence Day Short Speech In Hindi For Teachers

Many violently leaders such as Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Ajaad etc had a huge hand in India’s independent.They would be hanged on for India’s freedom that’s the reason their names still calls in Indian history. I hope you all children and students like these all points about the Independence Day Speech In Hindi. So share this speech with your teachers and classmates.

On this Day most important thing and most important thing noticing was that the beggars also don’t begging in front of peoples even they working and working was that they sale tricolor flags for our nation. so we feel proud of them after all they are not begging but their age is not to do work as they need education but some their condition have to do work for their compulsion. As it has been declared the national holiday in this day in all schools,colleges,institution,offices etc.

Independence Day Speech In Hindi

Independence Day Speech In Hindi

Independence Day (15 August ) Speech In Marathi For Kids

All Marathi students teachers will get best and motivational Independence day speech in Marathi and 15 August Marathi Speech Lines. In New Delhi, Rajpath all peoples with different religions and cultures have gather there and watch the event which is organised by government of India. Our Prime minister of India also gives their patriotic speech on this day and saluting the Indian forces as Indian forces do parade at new Delhi and they also salute the tricolor national flag of India.

Independence Day Speech In Marathi

Independence Day Speech In Marathi

So all students will be happy after reading this Independence Day Speech In Marathi and 15 August Short Speech In Marathi For all Kids, Students and Teachers. Word is same for all the peoples but they need to collect some good points from the speech and then make their own wonderful speech for this 71th Independence Day celebration.

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