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Tips to clear Indian Navy Written Exam

Tips to clear Indian Navy Written Exam : Indian Navy conducts a written exam for the students who are in Indian Navy. Here we are sharing some tips to score better in the Indian Navy Written test for selection.

indian Navy Exam

Indian Navy Exam

  1. As there are four subjects in the written exam. First of all develop a speed to solve all the questions in the given time limit. The time limit is one hour.
  2. For the Math specifically, you need to study all the concepts taught in 12th class. The topics need to remember all practice more than 100 questions on each topic.
  3. In case of General Science and Physics, you need to a better understanding of Physics concepts. You also need to know the basic science facts which are generally asked in the section of the written test of Indian Navy.

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Now comes the General Knowledge. You need to stay updated for all the current events about the recent issues, appointments, defense,

  1. agreements, visit, awards and honors, and other important things. There will be questions from all these topics.
  2. The fourth part of your written test is English. In the English, the most questions are formed in the grammar. You need to learn the basic concepts of Grammar to solve the questions of the exam. The important concepts are Correction of sentences, Change active to passive/passive to active voice, Change direct to indirect/indirect to direct, Verbs/Tense/Non-Finite, Punctuation, Substituting phrasal verbs for expression, Synonyms and Antonyms, Meanings of difficult words, Use of adjectives, Compound preposition, Determiners (use of a, the, any, etc.), Use of pronouns.

Some of the most important things which is to be done is-

  • Always stay positive and be focused on what you are studying in your study time.
  • Never give up on what you are studying if there is some problem in your studies for any difficult concept.
  • Always be confident on what you know and what you don’t know. Study a topic in such away from any misconceptions.
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