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NDA Syllabus 2018 PDF – NDA 1/2  Maths/English Syllabus, Exam Pattern PDF

NDA Syllabus PDF 2018 :- Download National Defence Academy Syllabus 2018 PDF File and check NDA 1 & 2 Syllabus PDf File For Maths, English, Geography Subjects. Check this NDA Exam Pattern 2018 and Start preparation for NDA I and NDA II according the syllabus. NDA is an National Defence Academy of India. In Hindi it is called “Rashtriya Raksha Academy”. NDA presented for Armed force training and graduation courses.  7 December 1954 NDA was founded, After republication of nation. It is affiliated with Jawahar Nehru University. It is a most famous and world number one Military Academy. Which prepared student for Three armed force such as India Air Force, Indian Navy and India army.

NDA is an authority which select the students on National level to buildup the army soldiers. NDA relates with Indian armed force. Indian Army is biggest army force before placing in Indian Army any force as a officer, Students clear NDA exam and join NDA academy for further defence study. NDA authority give training about Indian Army. Students learn all rules, regulation, hard work and another thing. “Sangh Lok Seva Aayog” in English it is called Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). The UPSC works under the Government of India. Candidates will get here NDA Exam Syllabus 2018 and also get NDA Exam Pattern 2018 for the exam.

UPSC is a executive of civil service examination programs. Which organised a lot of National level examination for various India government services like in railway department, in defence department, in medical department, in Indian Army department etc. It was formatted in 1926 and the month of October. There all seats are for only Indian peoples those are belongs to India country. There all requirements grouped into two part that is group A and group B. UPSC recruitment is for settlement of Eligible candidates in their interested government field such as Civil, Forest, Engineering related services. Check below information for get your NDA 2018 Syllabus and NDA Exam Syllabus 2018. If you like this information then share with your all friends.

NDA 1 Maths/English Syllabus 2018

All students after 12th who want to join NDA, They fill their online application form for giving NDA written exam. Because entry in NDA Academy is not easy. Firstly student give NDA written exam, After result announcement of NDA exam. Those examinees are to be shortlisted after the NDA written exam result. They will sit in two stage SSB interview round. Its a more difficult rounds. Which organized in two rounds for maximum marks. After cracking these  two stage upper level interview, Student get validated for the training of military forces.

Such that Army, Navy, Air force. It is a most toughest round in which interviewer check student communication skill, Thinking skills, Flow of communication, Logical skills and Mentality skills after the medical test. Check this NDA English Syllabus 2018 and get the full NDA 2018 Syllabus PDF File for the exam preparation.

  • Organization Name:- UPSC(Union Public Service Commission).
  • Exam Name:- UPSC NDA I Exam.
  • Official Website:-
Paper NameTotal QuestionsTime DurationTotal Marks
Paper I: Mathematics1202.5 Hours300
Paper II: English & General Ability1502.5 Hours600
Total2705 Hours900
AlgebraStatistics and Probability
> Concept of set, operations on sets, Venn diagrams
> De Morgan laws
> Cartesian product, relation, equivalence relation
Representation of real numbers on a line
> Complex numbers – basic properties, modulus, argument and cube roots of unity
> Binary system of numbers
> Conversion of a number in decimal system to binary system and vice-versa
> Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic progressions
> Quadratic equations with real coefficients
> Solution of linear in equations of two variables by graphs
> Permutation and Combination
> Binomial theorem and its application
> Logarithms and their applications.
> Classification of data, Frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution – examples
> Graphical representation – Histogram, Pie Chart, Frequency Polygon – examples
> Measures of Central tendency – Mean, Median and Mode
> Variance and standard deviation – determination and comparison
> Correlation and regression


> Random experiment, outcomes and associated sample space, events, mutually exclusive and exhaustive events, impossible and certain events
> Union and Intersection of events. Complementary, elementary and composite events
> Definition of probability – classical and statistical – examples
> Elementary theorems on probability – simple problems
> Conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem – simple problems
> Random variable as function on a sample space
> Binomial distribution, examples of random experiments giving rise to Binominal distribution
Matrices and DeterminantsVector Algebra
> Types of matrices, operations on matrices
> Determinant of a matrix, basic properties of determinants
> Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix
> Applications – Solution of a system of linear equations in two or three unknowns by Cramer’s rule and by Matrix Method.
> Vectors in two and three dimensions, magnitude and direction of a vector
> Unit and null vectors, addition of vectors, scalar multiplication of vector, scalar product or dot product of two-vectors
> Vector product and cross product of two vectors
> Applications-work done by a force and moment of a force, and in geometrical problems
Differential CalculusIntegral Calculus and Differential Equations
> Concept of a real valued function – domain,
range and graph of a function
> Composite functions, one to one, onto and
inverse functions
> Notion of limit, Standard limits – examples
> Continuity of functions – examples, algebraic
operations on continuous functions
> Derivatives of sum, product and quotient of
functions, derivative of a composite function
> Second order derivatives, Increasing and
decreasing functions
> Application of derivatives in problems of maxima
and minima
> Derivative of function at a point, geometrical and
physical interpretation of a derivative –
> Integration as inverse of differentiation,
integration by substitution and by parts,
standard integrals involving algebraic
expressions, trigonometric, exponential and
hyperbolic functions
> Evaluation of definite integrals – determination
of areas of plane regions bounded by curves –
> Definition of order and degree of a differential
equation, formation of a differential equation
by examples
> General and particular solution of a differential
equation, solution of first order and first
degree differential equations of various types
– examples
> Application in problems of growth and decay
TrigonometryAnalytical Geometry of two and three dimensions

> Angles and their measures in degrees and
in radians
> Trigonometrical ratios
> Trigonometric identities Sum and
difference formulae
> Multiple and Sub-multiple angles
> Inverse trigonometric functions.
Applications – Height and distance,
properties of triangles
> Rectangular Cartesian Coordinate system
> Distance formula
> Equation of a line in various forms
> Angle between two lines
> Distance of a point from a line
> Equation of a plane and a line in various forms
> Angle between two lines and angle between two planes
> Equation of a sphere
> Direction Cosines and direction ratios
> Standard forms of parabola, ellipse and hyperbola
> Eccentricity and axis of a conic
> Equation of a circle in standard and in general form
> Point in a three dimensional space, distance between two points

NDA exam organised by the Union Public Service Commission. The Managing department of NDA exam organised them twice in the year. First in the month of January and 2nd in the month of July. Every year 4 an a half lacks above students registered in their exam and 6000 above students go in next round. Starting age limit for NDA exam is 16 an a half year and last age is 19 for NDA exam.

NDA 2 Maths/English Syllabus 2018 PDF

There are 3 inbuilt Academy of NDA such as IMA, ASA and INA. If students selected for Indian Army then he placed in IMA Academy for further training. If a candidate selected for Air Force then he paced AFA Academy and Navy examinees INA Academy. Check the table for NDA Maths Syllabus 2018 PDF File.

National Defence Academy General Ability Exam Syllabus:-

Part A – EnglishPart B – General Knowledge
> Grammar and usage
> Vocabulary
> Comprehension and cohesion in extended text to
test the candidate’s proficiency in English
Section A: Physics
Section B: Chemistry
Section C: General Science
Section D: History, Freedom Movement
Section E: Geography
Section F: Current Events

NDA Syllabus 2018

NDA provide regular aspects graduation degree to all students. In this academy a few subjects are compulsory for NDA students, like foreign language, History and so on. My point of view is say that all hard studied student definitely crack there written exam scenario. Check all information related to NDA I and NDA II Recruitment, Syllabus, Selection presses, Exam and NDA important Dates etc. on NDA exam organizer website.

NDA Exam Pattern PDF 2018

UPSC Board conduct the exam every year and huge number of candidates apply for this Job. Now they can get here NDA 2018 Syllabus PDF File For their preparation.All candidates Who Want to Join Indian Army in a officer position they all need to crack the NDA Exam. Get all the NDA Syllabus Maths and English Geography topics and prepare your self for this exam. Check and Download NDA Syllabus 2018 from this site.

UPSC NDA NA Exam pattern for paper 1:- 


Matrices and Determination

Analytical Geometry

Integral Calculus and Differential Equations

Differential Calculus
Vector Algebra
Statistics and Probability

Start preparation and crack the NDA exam and get a job opportunity in Indian Army Force. Visit official site for more details about the NDA Syllabus 2018 related information. Check this site for All India Entrance Exams 2018, Answer Key and recruitment related information.

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